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At Kays & Co. we want to bring you customizable headwear for the entire family. Over the years, we have looked for trendy, modern caps and toques to style our two boys. Other then branded ball caps or not so stylish dad hats for infants, we never had any luck finding what we wanted. This gave us a reason to be creative and make every colour combination and logo we could imagine. Not only that, but seeing siblings in matching outfits made our hearts melt. 

Our hats and toques are stylish for the entire family. Our love for the mountains comes out in our stock logos but believe us when we say, we can create any logo or combination you can dream of. Nothing is cuter then a little boy or girl with a stylish hat or toque that matches their outfit or personality to a tee. We love being creative and cannot wait to see what else we can create for you and your family!

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